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Conference Papers (AIP)

Development of a numerical model of a reference vehicle for monitoring the characteristics of changes in wheel camber under spring compression
Miroslav Blatnický, Ján Dižo, Denis Molnár
Distribution of stress in the cross-section of a flat steel conveyor belt
Krzysztof Talaśka, Dominik Wilczyński, Dominik Wojtkowiak, Grzegorz Domek
GPS product specification as a tool for threaded holes positioning
Pavol Timko
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Dry Ice Production Process with a Crank-Piston Pelletizer
Jan Górecki, Aleksandra Biszczanik, Krzysztof Wałęsa, Dominik Wojtkowiak
Milan Sága, Milan Vaško, Zuzana Ságová, Marian Handrik, Lenka Jakubovičová, Peter Kopas, Jaroslav Majko
Effects of a silane coupling agent on viscoelastic properties of bentonite-filled rubber blends
Mariana Pajtášová, Zuzana Mičicová, Slavomíra Božeková, Darina Ondrušová
The influence of wood flour based plasticizer on the rheological and mechanical properties of elastomers
Darina Ondrušová, Slavomíra Božeková, Ivan Labaj, Mariana Pajtášová, Zuzana Mičicová
Design and FEM strength analysis of an innovative and pro-ecological structure of a seed-mounted seed dresser
Łukasz Gierz
Processing potential and analysis of aspects influencing the results of analyses performed by Digital Image Correlation
Martin Hagara, Miroslav Pástor, Jozef Bocko
Kinematic and dynamic analysis and distribution of stress for fie-item mechanism
Ján Vavro, Ján Vavro jr., Ľuboš Marček, Miloš Taraba, Lukáš Klimek, Pavol Čerňava, Jana Kuricová
Influence of the value of the tension force of the belt transmission with a V-belt on the value of the transmitted mechanical power
Piotr Krawiec, Łukasz Warguła, Piotr Kaczmarzyk, Olga Zharkevich
Structural design and stress analysis of a shelter for road vehicles
Lenka Jakubovičová, Peter Kopas, Milan Vaško, Marian Handrik
Analysis of the car impact on the traffic sign.
Marián Handrik, Milan Vaško, Jaroslav Majko, Peter Kopas, Lenka Jakubovičová
Application of the FSD Algorithm for Design of Vehicle Frames from the Point of Safe Operation
Milan Vaško, Zuzana Ságová, Ivana Klačková, Milan Sága
Research and modeling of operational damage to bearings in a shredder of biological materials
Krzysztof Tyszczuk, Grzegorz Domek, Grzegorz Śmigielski
Dynamic-mechanical analysis of 3D printed PLA material after its surface modification
Róbert Janík, Marcel Kohutiar, Lenka Bartošová, Petra Skalková, Mariana Pajtášová
Diffuse coplanar surface barrier discharge assisted surface modification of un-vulcanized skim rubber blend
Silvia Ďurišová, Mariana Pajtášová, Róbert Janík, Darina Ondrušová, Ivan Labaj, Slavomíra Božeková, Andrej Dubec, Simona Brigantová
Liquid rubber in the rubber industry and its effect on selected properties
Simona Brigantová, Mariana Pajtášová, Darina Ondrušová, Ivan Labaj, Zuzana Mičicová, Slavomíra Božeková, Silvia Ďurišová
Operational safety of black powder firearms on the example of the Remington 1858 New Army .44 revolver
Ireneusz Teodor Dziubek, Adam Hofman
Quantitative determination of adhesion factors by modelling Young's moduli of glass bead reinforced thermoplastics
Julian Rech, Bernhard Moeginger, Berenika Hausnerova
Research of reducing the number of manufactured parts for Universal Rotation Module
Michal Šašala, Jozef Svetlík, Štefan Ondočko, Tomáš Stejskal
Contribution to the measurement of pipeline deformations
Vladimir Dekys, Pavol Novak, Dominik Biro, Alzbeta Sapietova
Influence Chemical Parameters and Composition on Dependence of Nerve Conduits Structure
Mariia Kumeda, Liudmyla Sukhodub, Leonid Sukhodub, Jan Krmela, Vladimíra Krmelová
Analysis of parameters for the production of seat component by injection molding technology
Alžbeta Sapietová, Miroslav Jantošovič, Vladimír Dekýš, Milan Sapieta, Zdenko Šavrnoch
Study on the effect of knife edge construction on oilseed grinding efficiency
Krzysztof Tyszczuk, Grzegorz Śmigielski
Development of a technological package "drying unit": from design to marketing strategy
Nadiia Artyukhova, Jan Krmela, Vladimíra Krmelová, Artem Artyukhov, Dastan Ospanov
Analysis of geometrical changes of the extrusion blow molding die on polymer flow parameters with the use of SolidWorks Flow Simulation application
Marek Macko, Paweł Cyprys
Modeling a force measurement in test stand for testing a rehabilitation robot
Maciej Bodnicki
Design modifications of an universal grinder to comminute polymeric materials based on CAE simulation analyses
Marek Macko, Andrzej Szczepańczyk
Influence of the geometric parameters of the convergent thickening channel of the die on the dry ice maximum value of the compaction stress and the quality of the pellets obtained
Aleksandra Biszczanik, Jan Górecki, Krzysztof Wałęsa
Analysis of a structural element created by the process of atomic diffusion by additive manufacturing (ADAM) based on austenitic steels
Andrej Czan, Jozef Holubjak, Tatiana Czanova, Miroslav Cedzo, Vladimir Bechny
Production and use of biomass in Poland as a guarantee of the national security system
Ireneusz Teodor Dziubek, Katarzyna Doberstein-Ganszer
Influence of the Microgeometry of Milling Cutter on Generation of Residual Stress in Superficial Layers of Material after Trochoidal Milling
Peter Kozový, Michal Šajgalík, Jozef Holubják, Silvia Slabejová, Richard Joch, Mário Drbúl
Miroslav Cedzo, Andrej Czán, Jozef Holubják, Richard Joch, Mário Drbúl, Vladimír Bechný
Rolling resistance measurements with the minimisation of inertia influence
Mateusz Kukla, Daniel Mikołajczyk
Design of the control system of the test stand for wheelchair testing
Dominik Rybarczyk
MEMS camera image processing for oil contamination detection
Sonali Powar, Pooja Kulkarni, Nitin Satpute, Siddhrath Jabade, Ramesh Narina, Marek Iwaniec, Urszula Kania
Simulation studies of mechanical drum pedal geometry adjustment characteristics
Cezary Czachorowski, Dominik Wilczyński
Testing machine for precision material testing with stepper motor and force sensor
Jarosław Marek Adamiec, Philipp Masch, Daniela Schob, Holger Sparr, Ilja Sagradov, Maciej Obst, Matthias Ziegenhorn
Simulation of different geometric variants of spur gears in the context of their complete identity
Karol Konecki, Andrzej Kołodziej, Dominik Wojtkowiak, Krzysztof Talaśka
Issues related to the reconstruction of the geometry of the DP6 inch cylindrical gear in the context of reverse engineering using conventional techniques and measuring instruments
Andrzej Kołodziej, Karol Konecki, Dominik Wojtkowiak, Krzysztof Talaśka
Equation of identity for two spur gears with straight teeth having two different alternative sets of geometric parameters
Radosław Pytliński, Karol Konecki, Andrzej Kołodziej
Design of nonlinear leaf spring stiffness characteristics for L7e commercial vehicle with use of nonlinear FEM analysis and its experimental testing
Mikołaj Spadło
Experimental tests of the tension of cargo securing belts in road transport
Konrad Jan Waluś, Zbigniew Olszewski, Piotr Krawiec
Identification of the selected thermomechanical parameters of round belts made of thermoplastic elastomer
Krzysztof Wałęsa, Krzysztof Talaśka, Dominik Wilczyński
Influence of alternative fillers on rheological behaviours of polymer materials
Slavomíra Božeková, Zuzana Mičicová, Petra Skalková, Mariana Pajtášová, Darina Ondrušová
Application of topological optimization methods in the development of new generation freight railway wagons
Pavol Šťastniak
Model analysis of the oil film in a cylindrical roller bearing in terms of the assessment of thermodynamic parameters of oil
Jarosław Markowski, Pawel Imilkowski, Piotr Dlugiewicz, Pawel Benedict, Jacek Madry, Grzegorz Wieczorkiewicz
Procedural virtual reality simulators in the safety certification process
Ireneusz Teodor Dziubek, Adam Hoffman
Petr Baron, Marek Kočiško, Simona Hlavatá
Structural design optimization of knee replacement implants based on preoperative computed tomography scan
Jakub Lewandowski, Jacek Jackiewicz
Analysis of rheological behaviour of elastomeric blends
Petra Skalková, Ivan Labaj, Slavomíra Božeková, Róbert Janík, Jana Dobrovská
Analysis of mechanical properties of additively produced composite structures loaded in bending
Jaroslav Majko, Ondrej Štalmach, Milan Vaško, Marián Handrik, Milan Sága
The effect of alternative filler content on mixing and vulcanization process of elastomeric blends
Ivan Labaj, Darina Ondrušová, Petra Skalková, Juliána Vršková, Mariana Pajtášová, Jana Dobrovská
Silvia Slabejová, Michal Šajgalík, Peter Kozový, Jozef Holubják, Richard Joch, Mário Drbúl
Mechanical transmission in wheelchairs – an overview and proposal of an innovative concept
Łukasz Warguła, Mateusz Kukla, Jonas Matijošius
Stress analysis of the zero-backlash gear transmission
Dominik Wojtkowiak, Karol Konecki
Development of an innovative wheel arch system for trucks with a "no clogging" function, allowing the removal of snow and slush
Dorota Czarnecka Czarnecka-Komorowska, Swain Chandra, Bogdan Kopeć, Jacek Borowski
Examination of the Penetration Process of Fabrics
Maciej Berdychowski, Arkadiusz Bydełek, Jan Gąsior
The study of measuring the density of carbon dioxide at the solid-state using the hydrostatic method
Krzysztof Wałęsa, Jan Górecki, Aleksandra Biszczanik

Conference Papers (AMeA)

Ján Dižo, Miroslav Blatnický, Paweł Droździel, Rafał Melnik, Jacek Caban, Adam Kafrik
Mechanical analysis of the newly developed 3D printed prosthetic socket from PA12GB
Karel Ráž, Zdeněk Chval, Martin Štěpánek
New innovative methods in the field of prosthetics using additive technologies
Zdenek Chval, Karel Ráž, Martin Štěpánek, Rita Firýtová
Main circuit concept for a hybrid rail vehicle
Maksymilian Cierniewski, Wojciech Jakuszko, Janusz Mielniczuk
Elements of bogies as a source of signals for the radial guidance of a rail vehicle
Jacek Ostrowski, Maksymilian Cierniewski, Janusz Mielniczuk
A flywheel-based regenerative braking system for railway vehicles
Jacek Jackiewicz
Methodology of developing a modular mine blast protected vehicle seat
Jarosław Seńko, Radosław Nowak, Karol Sztwiertnia, Tomasz Wróbel, Marek Szudrowicz
The influence of including asymmetry, friction and hysteresis in a passive damper model on a vehicle passive suspension transmissibility functions
Grzegorz Ślaski, Zbyszko Klockiewicz
Study on cooling of high performance SiC features
Václav Marek
Selection of the heat transfer coefficient using swarming algorithms
Elżbieta Gawrońska, Robert Dyja, Maria Zych, Grzegorz Domek
Introduction to modeling the correlation between grain sizes of feed material and the structure, efficiency of the process of co-rotating twin-screw extrusion of non-flammable composites with a PLA matrix
Kacper Fiedurek, Paweł Szroeder, Marek Macko, Aneta Raszkowska-Kaczor, Marcin Borowicz, Natalia Puszczykowska
GPS application in the design of gearboxes
Silvia Maláková
Influence of extruder plasticizing systems on the selected properties of PLA/graphite composite
Daniel Kaczor, Krzysztof Bajer, Grzegorz Domek, Piotr Madajski, Aneta Raszkowska-Kaczor, Paweł Szroeder
Vortex type granulation machines: technological basis of calculation and implementation roadmap
Artem Artyukhov, Jan Krmela, Vladimíra Krmelová, Nadiia Artyukhova, Dastan Ospanov
The use of thermography to determine the compaction of a saddle-shaped briquette produced in an innovative roller press compaction unit
Michał Bembenek, Andrzej Uhryński
Comparison of vehicle suspension dynamic responses for simplified and advanced adjustable damper models with friction, hysteresis and actuation delay for different comfort-oriented control strategies
Grzegorz Waldemar Ślaski, Zbyszko Klockiewicz
Challenges in the design of new centrifugal fan with variable impeller geometry
Przemysław Moczko
Time series analysis of fossil fuels consumption in Slovakia by ARIMA model
Mária Michalková, Ivana Pobočíková
Influence of a hybrid manual-electric wheelchair drive system on the user's muscular effort
Bartosz Wieczorek, Łukasz Warguła, Mateusz Kukla
Design of a height-adjustable boarding system for a new double-deck railway vehicle
Pavol Šťastniak
Investigation for application of egg shell micro powder based epoxy composite for vibration isolation of MEMS sensor
Nitin Satpute, Kaustubh Utpat, Atharva Joshi, Nishant Kulkarni, Siddharth Jabade, Marek Iwaniec, Ramesh Narina, Ludwin Molina Arias
Image processing based method for measurement of oil contamination in water
Sonali Powar, Pooja Kulkarni, Nitin Satpute, Siddhrath Jabade, Ramesh Narina, Marek Iwaniec, Urszula Kania

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