MACHINE MODELING AND SIMULATIONS, Machine Modelling and Simulations 2022

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Vortex type granulation machines: technological basis of calculation and implementation roadmap
Artem Artyukhov, Jan Krmela, Vladimíra Krmelová, Nadiia Artyukhova, Dastan Ospanov

Last modified: 04. 11. 2022


The work is devoted to describing the technological foundations and the main stages of the calculation of granulation machines with active hydrodynamic modes. The optimization criterion is substantiated when choosing the design of the granulation machine. A technique for carrying out a computer simulation of the hydrodynamic operating conditions of a granulation machine in various operating modes with an assessment of the quality of granulated products (for example, the production of porous ammonium nitrate) is proposed. A variant of the solution for developing an automation scheme for a vortex-type granulation machine is shown. A SWOT analysis of the granulation technology in granulation machines with active hydrodynamic modes of fluidized bed operation was carried out. A roadmap for introducing granulation technology in vortex-type granulation machines is described with details of the main stages. The prospects for improving the design of a vortex-type granulation machine and optimizing the operation of a granulation plant for the production of porous ammonium nitrate are outlined.