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General Papers

Finite Element Analysis of the axially non-symmetrical piercing punches performance for belt perforation
Dominik Wojtkowiak, Krzysztof Talaśka
Nondestructive evaluation of BSCC artificial heart valves.
Milan Sapieta, Vladimír Dekýš, Peter Weis, Martin Svoboda
Influence of wheelchair anti-rollback systems on hill climb kinematics
Bartosz Wieczorek
Development trends in belt transmissions with V-belt
Piotr Krawiec, Grzegorz Domek, Łukasz Warguła
Directions of development of adaptive systems to the operating conditions of mobile wood chopping machines with low power engines
Łukasz Warguła, Mateusz Kukla, Piotr Krawiec
Mechanical properties of the materials included in the conveyor belt structure
Aleksandra Biszczanik, Ireneusz Malujda, Dominik Wilczyński, Krzysztof Wałęsa
Assumptions for modelling of the hot plate welding process considering the automatic welding machine design
Krzysztof Wałęsa, Aleksandra Biszczanik, Ireneusz Malujda, Dominik Wilczyński
Comparative analysis of tests under real conditions and CFD model for selected operation parameters of a mobile fan used by Fire Protection Units
Piotr Kaczmarzyk, Daniel Małozięć, Łukasz Warguła, Piotr Krawiec
Experimental research on kinematic features of agricultural tractor movement on asphalt pavement
Konrad Jan Waluś, Łukasz Warguła
Selection of a flat belt for the model of optimal coupling with pulleys
Grzegorz Jan Domek, Piotr Krawiec, Michał Wilczyński
Simulation tests of the cutting process
Dominik Wilczyński
Simulation tests of working press loads under pre-tensioned body conditions
Adam Mroziński, Janusz Wełnowski
A numerical and experimental NVH testing of vehicle components – from simple part to complex assembly
Damian Pietrusiak, Jakub Wróbel, Mateusz Czechowski, Wiesław Fiebig
The concept of structure a flexible design and manufacturing method focused on the individual production of grippers
Marian Dudziak, Krzysztof Talaśka, Dominik Wilczyński, Tomasz Maarchwicki
Finite Element Analysis of the single shear piercing punch performance for belt perforation
Dominik Wojtkowiak, Krzysztof Talaśka

Additional Paper

Wood-based Boards Mechanical Properties in the Aspect of the Cutting Process During Shredding
Mateusz Kukla, Łukasz Warguła
Process modelling of the hot plate welding of round drive belts
Krzysztof Wałęsa, Ireneusz Malujda, Krzysztof Talaśka, Dominik Wilczyński
Analysis of the belt punching process with using a single cutting edge
Dominik Wojtkowiak, Krzysztof Talaśka

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