MACHINE MODELING AND SIMULATIONS, Machine modeling and simulations 2020

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Analysis of the belt punching process with using a single cutting edge
Dominik Wojtkowiak, Krzysztof Talaśka

Last modified: 10. 05. 2023


The objective of this paper is to analyse the belt punching process with a single cutting edge and present the influence of the piercing punch geometrical features on the perforation force. We can distinguish two basic shapes of the piercing punch used for a punching with single cutting edge: tools with the blade directed inwards or outwards. Based on the mechanics of the belt perforation process with single cutting edge the analytical model of the stress distribution in the shearing cross-sections was derived for both basic types of piercing punches. Presented model along with series of empirical and FEM tests was used for a searching analyses of the effective geometry of the piercing punch for a belt punching process with using a single cutting edge. The geometrical parameters, which was taken into consideration in the presented analysis are: angle of the blade β, thickness of the wall b and diameter of the piercing punch cutting edge d. Obtained results shows that changing the angle of the blade, thickness of the wall or diameter of the piercing punch has a significant influence on the perforation force necessary to fulfil the machining process, as well as on the quality on the holes in perforated belts. The most important geometrical features of the tool for a hollow sharpened are the angle and the direction of the blade, which changes the force distribution and, as a result the mechanics of the process. Presented characteristics can be very useful in the design process of the punching dies used for manufacturing the vacuum conveyors belts.