MACHINE MODELING AND SIMULATIONS, Machine modeling and simulations 2020

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The concept of structure a flexible design and manufacturing method focused on the individual production of grippers
Marian Dudziak, Krzysztof Talaśka, Dominik Wilczyński, Tomasz Maarchwicki

Last modified: 01. 01. 2021


The issues cover the design and manufacture of gripping devices. Mainly due to the geometricand material individuality and specialization of the structure for a specific, individual, clearlydefined order. The work presents the concept of the design and manufacture of grippers,consisting of several basic stages interconnected with each other. An algorithm for designingand manufacturing using manipulators and Binar products has been proposed and presented.The proposed algorithm for flexible design and manufacture of grippers using Binarmanipulators and products contains the hallmarks of innovation.