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Experimental research on kinematic features of agricultural tractor movement on asphalt pavement
Konrad Jan Waluś, Łukasz Warguła

Last modified: 10. 05. 2023


Experimental research on agricultural tractor movement, acquisition and archiving of kinematic features is an important issue in the analysis of braking and acceleration processes. The obtained traffic parameters depend on the environmental conditions, condition and type of pavement, load, tire pressure and the area of tire-pavement cooperation. The acceleration factor, and in particular the braking process, is determined by the coefficient of friction enabling the assessment of forces and moments acting at the tire-road interface. The kinematic features known as a result of measurements can be used to assess the extent of road safety. The article describes experimental research aimed at understanding the kinematic features of agricultural tractor movement without a trailer on a homogeneous asphalt surface at three pressures in drive tires.