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General Papers

Numerical analysis and optimization of large dimensioned structures considering stress concentrations in welded joints
Jaroslav Majko, Milan Sága, Zuzana Ságová, Milan Vaško, Marián Handrik, Peter Kopas, Lenka Jakubovičová
Analysis of stress concentration on weld surface
Marián Handrik, Jaroslav Majko, Peter Kopas, Milan Vaško, Milan Sága, Lenka Jakubovičová
FE simulation of non-proportional multiaxial fatigue damage
Milan Sága, Milan Vaško, Zuzana Ságová, Ivan Kuric, Peter Kopas, Marian Handrik
Comparison study of experimental tensile tests and FE analysis considering composite specimens created by 3D printing
Filip Dorčiak, František Bárnik, Milan Sága, Milan Vaško, Marián Handrik, Peter Kopas
Mass minimising of truss and beam structures subjected to cumulative fatigue damage
Milan Vaško, Lenka Jakubovičová, Milan Sága, Zuzana Ságová, Ivan Kuric, Marián Handrik, Peter Kopas
Numerical simulation of electron beam welding of aluminum alloys
Pavol Novák, Milan Sága, Milan Vaško, Peter Kopas, Marián Handrik

Additional Paper

The modern conveyor system and its construction
Lenka Jakubovičová, Milan Sága, Marián Handrik, Peter Kopas, Milan Vaško

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