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Analysis of stress concentration on weld surface
Marián Handrik, Jaroslav Majko, Peter Kopas, Milan Vaško, Milan Sága, Lenka Jakubovičová

Last modified: 10. 05. 2023


The paper presents the procedure of creating a geometric model of the weld surface from 3D scan data. The geometric model is used to calculate the stress concentration on the real weld surface. The stress concentration on the weld surface affects the fatigue properties of the welds and the initiation of damage from the weld surface. In MATLAB, the 3D scan data of the weld surface is processed and the file with geometry for program ADINA is created. Next step is stress concentration analysis in the weld in the software ADINA.

Acknowledgments from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sport and Sport in the Slovak Republic in connection with the implementation of the Intelligent Systems Research and Industry Determination Project 4.0 with a focus on joining high-concentration energy sources - laser and electron beam, contract number MŠSR 1227/2018

In addition, this publication is the result of the project implementation: Development of two types of freight wagons with bogies for non-standard wheelbase or track wheelset, complying with the criteria for interoperability, environmental issues, safety and reliability ITMS: 26220220070 supported by the Operational Programme Research and development funded by the ERDF.

This paper is supported by KEGA 037ŽU-4/2018