MACHINE MODELING AND SIMULATIONS, Machine modeling and simulations 2020

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Numerical analysis and optimization of large dimensioned structures considering stress concentrations in welded joints
Jaroslav Majko, Milan Sága, Zuzana Ságová, Milan Vaško, Marián Handrik, Peter Kopas, Lenka Jakubovičová

Last modified: 08. 01. 2021


The paper presents an optimal design and computational solution of truss structures considering stress concentrations in welded joints. The calculation approach for precise analysis of welded joints using finite element method is introduced. The standard finite element analysis of the truss structure is followed by a special calculation procedure. The procedure is based on the known method of sections. Each member of the truss structure joined at the point under investigation is sectioned off the entire structure. In the next step, a new detailed finite element model of the welded joint is created. These analysis results allow define the stress concentration factors for technical problems of this type. Finally, a specific optimization procedure for design of structures based on the principles of discrete optimization is shown.

This work was supported by The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic on the basis of project contract Výskum inteligentných systémov a procesov s použitím princípov Industry 4.0 so zameraním na spájanie ťažko spojiteľných materiálov vysokokoncentrovanými zdrojmi energie - laserom a elektrónovým lúčom, Contract no.  MŠSR  1227/2018. In addition, this paper was supported by project KEGA 037ŽU-4/2018.