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General Papers

Targeted modification of the composition of polymer systems for industrial applications
Darina Ondrušová, Ivan Labaj, Juliana Vršková, Mariana Pajtášová, Slavomíra Božeková, Andrea Feriancová
The Influence of selected physicochemical factors on physicomechanical properties of studied vulcanizates
Mariana Pajtášová, Darina Ondrušová, Róbert Janík, Petra Skalková, Andrea Fariancová
A numerical and experimental NVH testing of vehicle components – from simple part to complex assembly
Damian Pietrusiak, Jakub Wróbel, Mateusz Czechowski, Wiesław Fiebig

Additional Paper

Modification of the filler on the basis of kaolin and its use in the polymer composites
Andrea Feriancová, Andrej Dubec, jana Pagáčová, Mariana Pajtášová

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