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The Influence of selected physicochemical factors on physicomechanical properties of studied vulcanizates
Mariana Pajtášová, Darina Ondrušová, Róbert Janík, Petra Skalková, Andrea Fariancová

Last modified: 06. 01. 2021


This present paper deals with the study of the influence of selected physicochemical factors on physicomechanical and dynamical and mechanical properties of prepared vulcanizates with partial substitution of the used filler by adding selected alternative fillers. Alternative fillers were mixed into rubber compounds as partial replacement of commonly used filler – carbon black N339. As alternative partial substitutes of fillers we have chosen fine fractions of bentonite, polylactide, polypropylene and coffee grounds. The prepared vulcanizates were exposed to various environments, namely air, plasma discharge DCSBD, organic solvent and sponge extract of Piptoporus Betulinus. The influence of the type of the selected alternative filler and selected physicochemical factors on the physical and mechanical properties such as tensile strength, tensibility and hardness was evaluated for the prepared vulcanizates. The viscoelastic behaviour of the prepared vulcanizates with alternative fillers  and reference vulcanizate in choose environmets, was evaluated on the basis of the results of the dynamic mechanical analysis measurements (the storage modulus and the loss modulus and the loss angle). The measured results show that selected physicochemical factors  in combination with selected alternative fillers affect the physicomechanical and dynamical and mechanical properties of the studied vulanizates.