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General Papers

Past, present and future of assistive robotic lower limb exoskeletons
Ramesh Narina, Marek Iwaniec
SVM algorithm for industrial defect detection and classification
Krzysztof Lalik, Mateusz Kozek, Paweł Gut, Marek Iwaniec, Grzegorz Pawłowski
Evaluation of Geometric Occlusal Conditions Based on the Image Analysis of Dental Plaster Models
Dominik Grochala, Anna Paleczek, Justyna Lemejda, Marcin Kajor, Marek Iwaniec
Lower limb models used for biomechanical analysis of human walking
Ludwin Molina, Marek Iwaniec
Modeling of the construction for the combustion chamber of the gas calorimeter in the aspect of exhaust gas homogenization in the measuring space
Jarosław Markowski, Damian Olejniczak, Marcin Nowacki, Jacek Mądry, Krzysztof Netter, Paweł Imiłkowski
A flexible mechanism based vibration isolator for machine tool application
Nitin Vijay, Marek Iwaniec

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