MACHINE MODELING AND SIMULATIONS, Machine modeling and simulations 2020

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Numerical modeling of excavation process with the use of DEM
Przemysław Moczko, Damian Pietrusiak, Jakub Andruszko

Last modified: 10. 05. 2023


Considering the different ways of excavation, it can be seen, that the proper design and arrangement of cutting tools is necessary for the effective excavation process. The use for example numerical methods, like DEM, certain features of cutting tools can be determined
at the design stage, for example shape, length or arrangement. Authors present a numerical approach to shape the cutting tools with help of the Discrete Element Method. Based
on experimental data the model of the excavated material was defined. Simulations were made for various variants of the cutting tool solutions. It was possible to evaluate parameters related to the load of the cutting tool and the final appearance of the excavated material which allowed for the final assessment of solution