MACHINE MODELING AND SIMULATIONS, Machine modeling and simulations 2020

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Computer aided eco-design grinding machines using software Solidworks Sustainability
Daniel Łączny, Patrycja Bałdowska-Witos, Weronika Kruszelnicka, Marek Macko, Jakub Lewandowski

Last modified: 24. 01. 2021


The paper presents selected results of a pioneering attempt to link material and environmental valuation with the design of technical objects in accordance with the requirements of the concept of Life Cycle Management. The goal of this action was to develop environmental analysis of the conical shredder using the SolidWorks Sustainability application. The assessment of environmental impacts included: extraction of raw materials, material processing, production of parts, assembly, use of the product, landfill storage and transport. Based on the results of the analysis, the potential emission levels were determined: CO2, SO2, PO4 and guidelines for the environmental development of technical facilities were proposed.