MACHINE MODELING AND SIMULATIONS, Machine modeling and simulations 2020

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The use of simulation software in the process of materials comminution using the discrete element method (DEM)
Jakub Lewandowski, Weronika Kruszelnicka, Patrycja Bałdowska-Witos,, Daniel Łączny, Marek Macko

Last modified: 24. 01. 2021


Comminution processes are one of the most common processes for processing energymaterials, e.g. coal, biomass, and post-recycling elements. The hitherto unsolved problem isthe high energy consumption of machines and the lack of precise descriptions of thephenomenon of comminution in terms of the relationship between the design features ofmills and the properties of comminuted materials. The dynamic development of simulationtechniques based on advanced models and the method of discrete elements allows for acertain mapping of occurring phenomena. The purpose of the work is to illustrate thepossibility of using simulation software based on the discrete element method to model thegrinding processes in the shredders grinding assemblies. The paper presents aspects ofmodeling the shape and size of particles, their interactions and contacts with mills structuralelements, as well as aspects of crushing modeling in RockyDem software.