MACHINE MODELING AND SIMULATIONS, Machine modeling and simulations 2020

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Research of material properties for the purposes of modeling the fabric destruction process
Maciej Berdychowski, Arkadiusz Bydełek

Last modified: 08. 01. 2021


The need to diversify the sources of raw materials used in industry has resulted in the use of recycled materials more and more often. This situation also occurs in the clothing industry, which increasingly are using the down and feathers recovered from old jackets subjected to the process of recycling. Because the recovery is performed manually, it is necessary to its automation. Designing a suitable device requires testing that will allow modeling the process to be carried out by the machine.

The article presents the results of experimental tests whose purpose was to determine the material properties necessary to carry out numerical simulations of the destruction process of polyester fabrics. The research methodology was discussed, the research stand was presented and the results obtained were discussed.