MACHINE MODELING AND SIMULATIONS, Machine modeling and simulations 2020

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Preliminary static torsion investigations of Vacuum Packed Particles
Robert Zalewski, Piotr Bartkowski, Tomasz Mieczkowski

Last modified: 20. 08. 2020


In the paper the preliminary static torsion experimental results for Vacuum Packed Particles are analyzed. Such structures are made of granular materials located in a soft and hermetic encapsulation. As a result of generating the partial vacuum inside the system the 'structure' starts to behave like a nonclassical solid body. The global mechanical features of VPP are dependent on the level of internal underpressure. This convenient controlling mechanism allows to put these extraordinary granular systems among a group of so called 'smart structures'. Basic laboratory tests results for static torsion are presented in the paper. Cylindrical VPP samples were subjected to external torque loading on a specially designed experimental setup. Various partial vacuum values were applied in laboratory tests. Experimental data was a base for carrying out simulation tests. To describe extraordinary features of the granular systems the Bouc-Wen rheological model was adopted.