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Investigation of pH, thermo and ion-specific behavior of PVA hydrogel
Katarzyna Kazimierska-Drobny

Last modified: 07. 08. 2020


Hydrogel has the special property that it changes its volume in response to a change in the surroundings. The study of the swelling behavior of hydrogels in aqueous salt, pH and temperature is important in terms of biomedical applications.

Although PVA hydrogels are not classified as thermo and pH-sensitive hydrogels, a significant influence of temperature and pH on the size of the recorded displacements was noticed during their research. The presented research results show that the penetration of salt has a dominant influence on the contraction of hydrogels, however, even a slight increase in temperature causes noticeable deformation of the material. The deformation of hydrogels under the influence of much larger changes in temperature indicates that the decrease in temperature causes a relatively fast reaction in the form of hydrogel contraction, while the increase in temperature causes its swelling. The research on the influence of pH on hydrogels also showed a great influence on their deformation