MACHINE MODELING AND SIMULATIONS, Machine modeling and simulations 2020

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The use of web technologies to monitor and manage PLC class control devices
Stanisław Flaga

Last modified: 22. 07. 2020


The subject of the paper is the use of web technologies. Guiding issues are related to theWeb Server of PLC controller and to the IoT gateway used to establish communication witha database. The main purpose was to use these technologies to monitor and manage PLC classcontrol devices.The range of the first part includes designing and developing an application for remotecommunication with a controller. It allows device diagnostics and makes possible monitoringand setting of parameters of the controlled process via a web browser. In the beginning, themost relevant information and capabilities of the Web Server are presented. Next, aconfiguration of this element is described and the following stages of the applicationdevelopment are presented.The second part focuses on collecting data in the database. For this purpose, the IoT2040 device was used, which allows communication between a controller and a databaselocated on an external device. This part includes device configuration and creating of a programwhich should be launched on the IoT platform. The program enables device communication,as well as sending and processing data between them. The paper describes the gateway and itscapabilities, presents an appropriate programming environment and show the next stages ofprogram development. The last part describes the results of the tests which were carried out on thestand used to control the production process.