MACHINE MODELING AND SIMULATIONS, Machine modeling and simulations 2020

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Simulation tests of working press loads under pre-tensioned body conditions
Adam Mroziński, Janusz Wełnowski

Last modified: 07. 07. 2020


In the work, the load simulation tests of the working press under pre-tensioned body conditions were carried out. The obtained results prove that the stress range can be controlled by increasing the number of wire coils subjected to the process of heating and then cooling. And the range of obtained stresses indicates the possibility of stress compensation resulting from the pressures during operation of the press punch.

The production of pre-tensioned body according to the invention, reduces the thickness of body walls, and by pre-tensioning the produced body, increases the strength and stiffness of the whole structure, which reduces its weight by the possibility of using extremely durable construction materials. The invention solution significantly reduces the welding processes in the production of bodies, which reduces energy and labour intensity in their production.