MACHINE MODELING AND SIMULATIONS, Machine modeling and simulations 2020

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Process modelling of the hot plate welding of round drive belts
Krzysztof Wałęsa, Ireneusz Malujda, Krzysztof Talaśka, Dominik Wilczyński

Last modified: 08. 06. 2020


Drive and conveyor belts are widely used in the mining and processing industry. In belts transmissions and conveyors, the belts with a circular cross-section and several millimetres in diameter, made of thermoplastic elastomers, especially polyurethane, are often used. Their production process requires a technological operation of joining of the belt ends. The joint is usually obtained by butt welding operation using the hot plate method. This operation is usually performed by hand way method, using simple tools. Authors took an effort to design an automatic welding device, which can realize this technological operation automatically. The design works require a mathematical model of the welding operation developing, which will allow obtaining basic technological parameters. In the paper, the basics elements of the mathematical model of welding were presented, considering the specifics of butt welding using the hot plate method. Developed model takes into account correlations between basics technological parameters. Formulated model stands out that, it is adapted for industrial application on an example of the prototype of an automatic welding device which is made by authors. The model takes into account the current technical possibilities of control the welding process using the prepared prototype. In opposition to previous research on welding using a hot plate method, it describes the welding process in a kinematic way. Besides, the prepared model considers dependence of welding effect on easily controlled process parameters i.e. velocity or displacement.